Marcia J.
MS-Certified Field Nurse, MS LifeLines

Starting Rebif

Thank you for choosing or considering Rebif® (interferon beta-1a) to treat your relapsing multiple sclerosis. Rebif is the only self-injected therapy proven to achieve 3 key treatment goals in relapsing MS: slowing disability progression, reducing relapse rates, and reducing brain lesions on studied MRI measures*. Note that the exact correlation between MRI findings and the current or future clinical status of patients, including disability progression, is unknown.

When you start Rebif, you will have not only the clinical support of a proven treatment for relapsing MS but also the support network of MS LifeLines® to help you start and stay on Rebif therapy as prescribed. MS LifeLines is a community of people here to help you. The team at MS LifeLines can also answer questions you or your loved ones may have about living with relapsing MS.

The most common side effects with Rebif are injection-site reactions, flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, muscle aches, tiredness), depression, abdominal pain, increased liver enzymes, and blood cell count decreases.

Please see important safety information below and the Rebif Medication Guide and Prescribing Information at the top of this page, and speak with your health care professional for more information.

Support—how can we help you?

As soon as MS LifeLines learns you have been prescribed Rebif by your doctor, with your consent an MS LifeLines Nurse Support Specialist will contact you. He or she will:

  • Schedule a field nurse visit to your home so you can receive personalized, one-on-one injection training and other therapy support.
  • Ship you a Rebif Welcome Kit, which provides information and support to help you start and stay on Rebif as prescribed.
  • Connect you to the Financial Support Team, who can help you find affordable access to Rebif or navigate your health care insurance to help you get the best available coverage for Rebif.
  • Answer your questions about living with relapsing MS and taking Rebif therapy.

Learn more about the MS LifeLines team.

Here for you today and every step of the way

Choosing to start Rebif is an important step in treating your relapsing MS. MS LifeLines is here to support you today and every step of the way. Learn more about the resources, programs and services MS LifeLines can provide, or call us toll-free at
1-877-44-REBIF (1-877-447-3243).

MS LifeLines business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 10 PM ET and Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET. Even after these hours, you can speak with a health care professional.

*Refers to new lesions and total lesion burden or area as defined in the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and MS Council guidelines.

†New or enlarging lesions detected with PD/T2-weighted MRI.