Joni's video biography

I've been taking medication for my relapsing MS for a while now. And to be perfectly honest, there were times when I struggled to stay on the path and continue with my treatment. It didn't really happen immediately but eventually I started to question why I continued taking these injections. I even wondered if I could go without them. But whenever I start to veer toward that way of thinking, I always find ways to pull myself back in and remember what's important.

The first thing I do is make sure I have someone I can talk to about these feelings. For me, this is my sister. Whenever I need some motivation or a swift kick in the behind to stay on my medicine, I call her. She always has a sympathetic ear and understands that I get fed up with injections sometimes. But then she quickly reminds me why it's important for me to stay on my medication. She usually starts by saying I'm fortunate to have a medication to take. The DMDs for relapsing MS haven't even been around for all of my life. Just reminding me of this fact can help me to appreciate that I have medication to take. She then reminds me who I take this medication for—the people who are important in my life, my parents, my grandma, my boyfriend, and of course, my sister! But then she reminds me of the most important person I need to stay healthy for—myself. I love that she's someone I can confide in and get a little motivation from.

Sometimes though, my sister isn't readily available. In those instances, I turn to and These websites offer a treasure trove of valuable information, including treatment goals and videos. I often like to go back to and refresh myself on injection technique. Sometimes I use the Rebiject II. If I want to use it, I go to the website and watch the injection technique video again. The videos are also good for those of us who can get out of practice of using proper injection technique.

A while back, I discovered that I'd stopped using proper injection technique. It was something that happened gradually, but I'd slowly forgotten my training. I noticed this issue because I had more bruising than before. I had an opportunity to talk with an MS LifeLines nurse and got another training from her. She then told me about the training videos online that are available for everyone.

I've learned that it's important to stay motivated to help with my overall well-being. The more motivated I am to fight this disease, the harder we all work to fight against disease. My family and friends have been great motivators.

I've also learned that it's okay to say you forgot. There are many resources out there to refresh your memory with information you may have forgotten. And don't worry, it's okay to admit that and look it up.