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Traveling can be overwhelming but traveling with your therapy can leave you with questions and concerns. Here are some helpful tips to allow you to enjoy your travels.

When traveling with Rebif:

  • Go to the Transportation Security Administration website (see website and/or contact your airline for information regarding flying with injectable medications.
  • A letter from your Neurologist/Prescribing Physician should be available to show authorities of the need of the medication when stored in carry on luggage.
  • Call ahead to the destination to make sure that a refrigerator is accessible.
  • Rebif should be refrigerated between 36°F and 46°F (2°C to 8°C). Do not freeze. If refrigeration is not available, Rebif can be stored between 36°F and 77°F (2°C to 25°C) for up to 30 days, away from heat and light.
  • Traveling by air, keep medication in carry-on luggage. Contact the airline and see if they will offer some refrigerated conditions during your flight.
  • Do not expose Rebif to high temperatures such as those found in glove compartments in cars or racks in airplanes (next to the lights).
  • Travel with the amount that will last the duration of your trip.

MS LifeLines also provides a free travel bag for any person taking Rebif. This travel bag includes an insulated container to store your Rebif on ice while you are traveling. If you do not have one, we can have one sent to you. Just give us a call!