Amy's video biography

I realize there are a lot of worries involved with starting an injectable treatment. You're worried about the injections themselves, and you're worried about how you will feel from side effects after starting your treatment. Let me reassure you there are people to help you with these concerns. I have been instructing relapsing MS patients on the use of Rebif for over five years. I have trained hundreds of patients on how to inject themselves. I can honestly say that many of my patients said, after injecting their first shot, the process wasn't as bad as they thought it would be.

What next? You have taken your first shot. Now you're concerned about the side effects you'll experience. Although everyone is unique, your nurse will share with you the tips on how to help manage certain side effects. And remember, if you do have concerns regarding possible side effects from Rebif, such as injection-site reactions or flu-like symptoms, you have your healthcare provider and your MS LifeLines nurse to call for tips and advice. So now that you've given yourself the injection, reward yourself. You deserve it.