Q & A - MS LifeLines® Ambassador Ted

Q: What types of symptoms led you to see your doctor and ultimately be diagnosed with relapsing MS?

I had a slight delayed reaction in my leg that impacted my walking. Later, I developed numbness in both legs.

Q: What is the best piece of advice that you've received to help you with your relapsing MS?

Get on a DMD therapy as soon as possible after a relapsing MS diagnosis, and then STAY on your treatment as prescribed by your doctor!

Q: Did you experience any flu-like symptoms or injection site reactions? If so, were there any specific tips that you found helpful in managing these side effects?

With the guidance of my doctor, I take an over-the-counter analgesic medication to relieve some of the flu-like symptoms I get sometimes after I take my injection.

These tips have been recommended by some healthcare professionals. Talk to your doctor to find out what's best for you.

Potential serious side effects of Rebif include depression and risk of suicide, liver problems, risk to pregnancy, injection-site problems, and severe allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are rare and may be associated with difficulty in breathing and loss of consciousness, which require immediate medical attention.

Please see important safety information below and the Rebif Medication Guide and Prescribing Information in the top of this website, and speak with your doctor for more information.

Q: How have your relationships with your family and your friends changed since the diagnosis of relapsing MS?

Honestly, not much has changed. My family and friends are very supportive and encouraging.

Q: Dealing with relapsing MS means finding new ways to do familiar things. How have you and the people in your life been able to accommodate your day-to-day needs and routine?

I just slow down and do what I can. Everyone who knows me understands when I need a rest.

Q: What advice would you give others who have been recently diagnosed with relapsing MS?

Get on treatment, stay on treatment as directed by your doctor and get involved with positive people living with MS.

This story reflects the personal experience of one person. Results and experiences vary from patient to patient. It is best to contact your doctor to discuss what's best for you. Ted is an MS LifeLines Ambassador, and he has chosen to share his story with other people living with MS.

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