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Q: Intimacy & MS: How is it determined if the intimacy issues patients describe are caused by MS?

Sexual dysfunction can occur as a result of demyelinating lesions in the spinal cord and brain that short-circuit sexual feelings or response. Sexual dysfunction can also occur indirectly as a result of MS symptoms themselves or medications you may be taking to treat your MS or manage MS symptoms. It's important that you talk to your doctor so that he/she can determine the cause of your symptoms and treatment options.

Q: Intimacy & MS: What are some of the myths related to multiple sclerosis and sexual dysfunction?

It is a myth that sexual needs disappear or are inappropriate for someone living with MS.

It is a myth to think that once someone is diagnosed with MS, his or her sexual life has ended.

It is a myth to think it is wrong to seek information about maintaining a satisfying sexual life.

Q: Rebif Side Effects: I was told that I cannot take antibiotics if I am on Rebif. If that is accurate, what do I do if I need antibiotics at some point?

Taking antibiotics or any other medication should always be reviewed with your doctor.

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